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Diversity & Inclusion
Purpose driven. Future focused.
At Comdata, we believe that diversity and inclusion aren't only about making the right moral or ethical choices; they're also about good business. That is why we embrace and leverage the complexity of human differences throughout Comdata in a manner that benefits our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we live and work.

Comdata's diversity journey is guided by our values of honesty and integrity, our focus on our customers, and the creation of a high-performing organization. Today, as we strive to be the company of choice for our customers, our suppliers and our employees, we invite everyone to share in Comdata's journey of diversity.
Diversity Mission Statement
Comdata is committed to being an inclusive company where all employees experience an equitable opportunity for professional success and contribute to the company's success.

Diversity Vision Statement
To create a high performance organization by leveraging the uniqueness of every employee throughout Comdata in a manner that benefits our customers, our communities and one another.
At Comdata, we believe that diversity is a key ingredient in the creation of a 21st century and beyond high performance organization. It helps foster inclusiveness, encourages innovation, improves decision-making and broadens the scope of problem solving. Our holistic approach to diversity helps facilitate and authenticate the relationships we have with our customers and suppliers, enabling us to speak to them in-culture and in-language.

At Comdata, the business case for diversity is connected to our values:
  • Customer Driven. Our customers, suppliers and strategic partners are changing; their needs and expectations for products and services are diverse. We must be positioned to relate, understand and respond to them.
  • High Performing People. The workforce demographics are changing. The labor pool is shrinking and labor shortages are projected. The competition to attract and retain top talent is increasing. We must be the best place to work for everyone to ensure our business success.
  • Performance Excellence. Our competitive advantage is to become the leader in innovation, creativity and a provider of repeatable and reliable products and services. We must have diverse perspectives and talents to meet this challenge.
  • Honesty & Integrity. Our customers demand actions that are consistent with words.
To guarantee that we consistently meet and exceed our commitments, we work hard to ensure that the fundamental values of our company are not just understood by our associates but that they are reflected every day in our day-to-day operations.
Comdata is committed to recruiting a diverse workforce.

Right people, place, time
Comdata's recruitment philosophy is built around the concept of getting the right people in the right place at the right time. Hiring the best-qualified people is fundamental to our success. Highly capable, innovative and flexible people are the foundation for our competitive position.

Since our founding, Comdata has demonstrated an on-going commitment to fair employment practices. Our commitment extends through every phase of the staffing process. Consistent with our business needs, we continually work to establish our leadership in recruiting and developing a diverse workforce in every country in which we operate.
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